Covid-19 Support

We need Your help

Current situation for gay community in Bali is economically extremely bad. Especially those living with HIV and those who runaway from their villages looking for acceptance and better life here suffering.

Thousands lost their job and week by week their financial situation is worsening. We already know some guys sleeping on the streets, some other eating one time a day or every two days. While all gay friendly businesses are closed at this stage of pandemic and Bali borders to other islands are effectively shut down we ask You for support.

Please contact us at You can help us to help.

If you can make shopping with Your credit card you can do it online at We will be happy to assist with delivery and arrangement to pick up packages thanks to Coco Grande Spa support. Most needed products are:

  • rice
  • noodle
  • oil
  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • soap and shampoo

Larger amount of rice and oil will be delivered to our friends in Nyonya Besar Kitchen. Ready meals will be available for anyone in need daily.

Daily food for anyone in need is provided by MAN Resort and their kitchen. Please contact them directly if You can support them with cash or delivery of produce necessary for food preparation.

We are able to process donations by transfer and credit cards payments online thanks to help of Techwebasia. Recipient of donations will be Bali Rainbow Community and Coco Grande Spa management. We will leave it for them how to disperse fund for those who need it most. Send email to for details.

  • Bank transfers: EUR, AUD, USD
  • Credit cards online and PayPal payments


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