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General Terms & Conditions

  1. You need to be in legal age to use our service.
  2. We are not liable or responsible in any way for damages caused by information in listings and any other parts of our website.
  3. We are not allowing excessive nudity.
  4. We allowing businesses, organizations, community groups and personal listing on our website.
  5. If you like to add your business to our listing be sure that you are in a right place; have a listing that is at least gay friendly if not exclusively gay.
  6. We accepting only Bali located listings.


  1. Listing owner has a full right to content uploaded to our website.
  2. Listing owner is responsible to provide accurate and truthful information’s within the listing.
  3. Listing owner declares that any images uploaded to listing belong to him and have a right to use them.

Account suspensions and/or terminations

  1. Any account can be suspended and/or terminated if account owner violates our terms of services, specifically but not limited to:
    • Upload content violating privacy of other persons;
    • Upload content that is illegal and promotes illegal activities, violent behavior, child abuse, etc.;
    • Abuse review system and/or provide not truthful reviews;
    • Abuse booking and contact forms and harassing or bullying listing owners;

Service Administrator may contact user with warning and/or to clarify situation if report of rules violation have been received.


  1. We accept online payment with credit card and PayPal transfers through our PayPal provider.
  2. We accept direct bank transfers in EURO, USD, AUD.
  3. Payments are not refundable.
  4. You may request refund and in case by case verification we may grant it in extraordinary circumstances.
  5. If refund is granted, all administration cost will be deducted and and refund will be processed through original payment channel.
  6. We not accept refund requests 14 days after transaction have been completed.
  7. If you like to send refund request please contact lgbtworldorg@gmail.com and provide:
    1. Username
    2. Listing URL
    3. Payment receipt
    4. Describe why you requesting refund.